traider is an open source, bootstrap, nodejs and mongodb option for ecommerce...

  • ... coded with love (and javascript: nodejs, expressjs and angularjs. and mongodb).
  • ... providing a flexible, scalable ecommerce API
  • ... using a clean responsive user interface based in bootstrap 3.0

we'd love to keep you up to date with progress - if you're interested, please sign up for updates.

flexible codebase

use the familiar building blocks: html5, css3 and javascript... take it away

built-in tools

ready to go frontend and admin that you can use, change or replace with your own

responsive bootstrap ui

based on bootstrap for a friendly and responsive user interface

lean, mean tech

lovingly built on the powerful, extensible MEAN stack

About us

We're starting off as a small splinter group within an established web development company :)

As a small team, we're constantly working on a wide variety of challenging tasks, but we're sure that there is a wider use for the things we're creating.

Going open-source on it, means we can develop something that the wider development community can take advantage of, which is cool, but what's really cool, is also that they can contribute to it as well.

We're past thinking we're the bee's knees... and we want to get a community of developers on board to create the best open source product around.

We also have some ideas about how the system can develop to become something bigger and better... and that might start to get more commercial then, but we're committed to creating an ecommerce platform that, at it's core, remains open, and continually improving.

If you'd be interesting in either using, or contributing, please sign up for updates.

The technology

This is the good bit.

We have started from stratch. Having created a lot of ecommerce applications previously, the temptation was to take that exising code, and make that open source.

We decided against that, as what we really wanted to build was something that made use of newer technologies - and not be held back by an approach led by older thinking... so rather than spending time on making our existing code look more presentable for the modern coder, we set out to design a new one.

That means out with the old, and in with the... erm... old... actually. Javascript - what a renaissance it is having.

That means we've gone MEAN... but with love!

Mongo, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS.

Why these technologies? It's not a straight forward call. We've got a lot of code already based on relational dbs, but we wanted to build something new - and something that could accomplish a couple of aims:

  • flexiblity
  • testability
  • scalabilty
  • easy adoption (should we have said adoptability?)
  • platform independence

We love these tools, and it's so nice to be working with them on this new platform.

It's something we'll use, and we hope you will too!

The code

This bit is empty... but it's about to get full!

The code is held on the github repository and available under the GPL v3 licence... so you can pretty much do whatever you want with it, but we'd like a share of the love - no money (how crass!) - just share what you make and give our project a kind mention in the site credits!

Keep updated

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